Eye test

Professionalism and competence at your service

At the optician’s Bottega al Mare in Jesolo, our qualified opticians will evaluate your medical prescription and, after an accurate eye test, will help you to single out the best lenses for you.
With years of experience, we will listen to you attentively and turn your requirements into aesthetic and functional solutions. Without neglecting details, we will choose the lenses and glasses which best suit your eyes, your face, your style and your daily routine.
We take advantage of the brilliance of Italian and international eyewear: we are specialised in high quality lenses and we are always available to provide alternative ideas in order to satisfy the most diverse requirements.

Contact lenses

When advising you on the contact lenses best suited to you, we carefully analyse the type of visual defect you have, the shape and size of your cornea, as well as your daily routine.

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Optical workshop

At the optician’s Bottega al Mare, we make your glasses with precision and technical know-how. Thanks to advanced computerized tools, our three opticians take personal care of the assembly of the glasses you have chosen.

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Colour blindness

Colour vision issues happen because of a problem with the pigments in the eye. There are cells on the retina (the light sensitive cells at the back of the eye) that react to light called cones and rods.

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